The Foundation

Vision and Mission
The Vittorio Dan Segre Foundation (VDSF) is a non-profit organization headquartered in Lugano, Switzerland.
We envision a world of Convivencia, where different identities live together in harmony based on the principles of humanism, dignity and reciprocity in both the real world and the digital one.
We promote a culture of Convivencia to foster positive encounters and mutual understanding between different identities. We develop innovative tools to nurture the coexistence of different identities and study phenomena, problems and solutions related to identity and rights, both individual and collective.



The Context
The third millennium inaugurated a complex and extremely dynamic political and social era.
Blurred borders between the real and digital worlds have generated widespread uncertainty and distrust in traditionally reliable information sources. Close-mindedness and violence are on the rise.
Now more than ever is it necessary to nurture a new culture of coexistence. We in the XXI century must find a way to coexist peacefully and recognize the dignity of every human being. The Vittorio Dan Segre Foundation calls this vision Convivencia.



The Idea
The Foundation is inspired by the life and work of Vittorio Dan Segre (1922-2014). His approach to life was typified by openness, curiosity, respect and determination as he aimed to treat all with equal dignity. Both the vision and the mission of the VDSF are inspired by Segre’s dedicated work to promote a culture of Convivencia across the globe. Segre’s vision brought together an international group of high-profile thought leaders with diverse cultural and geographic backgrounds, sharing the need to address contemporary technological and social challenges through the humanistic approach of promoting Convivencia.


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No profit organization