Our Actions

Convivencia Dialogues

The Convivencia Dialogues represent the DNA of our work: experts meet in ad hoc groups to discuss ideas, needs, and challenges, to analyze assumptions and levels of criticality, and to identify specific actions and/or projects in one of the areas of VDSF engagement.


Convivencia Toolbox

The Convivencia Toolbox is comprised of seminars and workshops, in person or online, for small groups of people from private and public organizations. The aim of these interactive venues is to create awareness on the complexity of the topic, as a mean to stimulate reflection on current practices and future innovative approaches.


Convivencia FutureLab

The Convivencia FutureLab is a transformative laboratory for individuals and for the contexts in which they operate. The aim is to explore different perspectives, deepen new possibilities, imagine how things can change, evolve, improve. And then create models, prototypes, processes. Thanks to its unique format and methodology, it allows each voice to dialogue with the others, the diversity to be at the center of the work, the identities to express themselves freely.


Convivencia Model

The Convivencia Model is a project that involves the co-creation and implementation of a new organizational culture model centered on the coexistence of identities. A common path that aims to study, apply and implement our model of coexistence of identity within the culture of organizations. It aims to generate a positive social impact and be an active and productive asset for the organization itself.


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