Founders and Friends

The Vittorio Dan Segre Foundation was born from an international group of high-profile thought leaders with diverse cultural and geographic backgrounds, sharing the need to address contemporary technological and social challenges through the humanistic approach of promoting Convivencia.


Uzi Arad  –  Colette Avital  –  Chiara Boroli  –  Margareth Ruth Davis  –  Marisa Garzoni

Bilahari Kausikan  –  Maurizio Molinari  –  Sergio Romano  –  Emanuel Segre


But the Vittorio Dan Segre Foundation can count on a much broader group of people, who have directly experienced the need to foster a culture of Convivencia, and they have a shared perception of how to meet this need. They are ready to respond, take action, and help the VDSF become a force for change: they are its soul and brain, and they are our most valuable friends.


Joseph Agassi
Clinton Bailey
Paolo Benanti
Mario Calderini
Barbara Carfagna
Jack Corcos
Gianni Cuperlo
Pier Luigi Dal Pino
Jean Pierre Darnis
Perry Davis
Giovanni De Luna
Fabiana Di Porto
Uzi Eilam
Maurizio Ferraris
Federica Frediani
Fabio Gaggini
Moshe Hananel
Abraham B. Jehoshua*
Luigi Martino
Alessandra Migliaccio
Christopher Nadon
Federica Periale
Giovanni Periale
Andrea Pontini
Mike Prashker
Domenico Quirico
Fabio Sokolwicz
Sylvia Tiryaki
Francesco Maria Talò
Paolo Vernero
Anna Sciancalepore