The third millennium ushered in a new world order, which some have described as a new world disorder. Geopolitical contexts that appeared stable are now falling apart: suffice it to mention the Arab Springs, Brexit or the secessionist demonstrations in Catalonia. On a larger scale, the traditional great powers are losing influence, and small, heavily armed states, as well as other non-state actors, threaten lives, personal freedom, and political borders.
Simultaneously, the technological revolution has transformed mass and personal communication and has shaped new informal… Read more

DAN Vittorio Dan Segre

Vittorio Dan Segre (1922 – 2014) had an adventurous life. Emigrant by necessity and cosmopolitan by choice, he fled Italy for Palestine in 1939 in response to the passage of racial laws. In 1941 he enlisted in the British Army in Cairo, and in 1948 he participated in the war that would lead to the birth of the state of Israel. After serving for years as an Israeli diplomat (1967-1989), he taught International Relations at universities in Oxford, Boston, Stanford, Haifa, Milan and Turin… Read more

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